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November 14, 2022 Notice of Meeting Annual General Meeting 2022 Brossard Soccer Association Date : Thursday December 15th 2022 Arrival : 7:30 PM Opening of the meeting : 8:00 PM Place : Antoine-Brossard High School Auditorium   Agenda of the meeting 1. Welcome by the President and opening of the meeting 2. Verification of quorum […]

NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES AS Brossard is a non-profit organization that is administered by paid staff. However, the AS Brossard Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the club membership. Each year, at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in December, half of the seats on the Board of Directors are up for election. […]

*Fall session starts November 3rd* *Futsal training starts on November 5th*. *For any questions related to registration, please contact* *Here is the link to register: *   2019 2018 2017 Samedi 8:00 à 9:00 Complexe Bell — Féminin 2016  Samedi 8:00 à 9:00 Complexe Bell Dimanche 8:00 à 9:00 Complexe Bell Masculin 2016  […]

  XPS is the communication platform we use in the club. Here are the corresponding links to complete the download:

“White Card” campaign  

Horaires jusqu’à janvier 2022, les 4 à 12 ans commencent le 18 octobre, les équipes A et AA le 1er novembre et les équipes AAA le 10 janvier.

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