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Guiding principles, vision et valeurs


We will always recognize youth in sport!

We will remember that soccer is a game and should be fun, safe and accessible to all!

We are committed to making a positive impact on our community by providing opportunities for growth through soccer for people of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, gender identities and socio-economic status.

We will recognize that discrimination and privilege exist, and we will strive to reverse these facts in our club.

We will encourage, empower, and inspire our players and ourselves to achieve greatness in the game and in life.

We will celebrate success and learn from failure.

We will promote a lifelong passion for soccer and raise the profile of our sport in Brossard, and in Quebec.



To be the benchmark for soccer clubs by creating a culture that holds as paramount that everyone has a fair chance to reach their full potential in a safe and enjoyable manner, both off and on the field of play.



  • Accessibility of soccer to all
  • Equity in all forms at all levels and in all our programs
  • Excellence and development of our programs and ourselves
  • Pride in our club, our members, our community and ourselves
  • Integrity at all times, without exception, both on and off the field
  • Fun and safety in everything we do and how we do it
  • Respect for our club, our mission and vision, our values and rules, and other people


Conseil d'administration

Le Conseil d'Administration se compose de neuf (9) membres élus lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle.

Équipe administrative

Le Conseil d’administration (CA) de l’ASB est composé de onze membres, un président et dix vice-présidents, tous élus lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle.


Unless otherwise advised, the respondent authorizes the general publication of photos or videos taken as part of the activities of AS Brossard where his child appears, including social media.In the event of a refusal, the sponsor is obliged to send an e-mailed notice to this address: info@asbrossard.com

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Parent's corner

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Certificate of Insurance 1HB80

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financial assitance



To enable more youth from underprivileged or fragile backgrounds to register and play soccer and to participate in soccer activities organized by the Association de Soccer de Brossard (AS BROSSARD)

The proposed financial assistance covers up to 100% of the player’s registration fees with the AS BROSSARD

Terms and conditions:
Any person wishing to apply for financial assistance must send a message to dg@asbrossard.com and attach proof of age and residence of the youth for whom the application is made as well as proof of income from the parents or persons having physical and legal custody of the youth.

When an application for financial assistance is accepted, the registration fee is paid directly to AS BROSSARD. The parents of the member making the request will be contacted and notified of the amount still to be paid for the registration, a delay of 30 days will then be allowed.

Eligibility criteria to receive financial assistance from the ASB:

– The youth must be a resident of Brossard;
– The youth must be under 18 years of age;
– The net income of the parents or persons having physical and legal custody of the youth must not exceed thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000).
– Applications for the summer season must be made between January 20 and March 1.
– Applications for the winter season must be made between August 20 and September 20.
– All applications submitted will be reviewed by the CA members.

The CA may recommend financial assistance to youth whose situation does not meet the above eligibility criteria.

Email: dg@asbrossard.com

In addition to our ‘AS BROSSARD Financial Assistance’ program which can cover up to 100% of membership fees, members have access to the Jumpstart Foundation program managed by Canadian Tire (INDIVIDUAL GRANTS TO KIDS) and Kids Play Mission.

The Club offers a visibility program to local businesses to obtain a form of sponsorship in services or money. This allows the Club to absorb a portion of the operating costs and reduce the cost of membership for the members.

Soccer fields

Voici la liste de nos lieux de match et de pratique. Cliquer sur un parc pour être redirigé vers google Maps pour avoir votre itinéraire.

Parc Radisson


Parc Illinois


Parc Balzac


Parc Poly


Parc Trahan

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